Become an NCCAOM Certified Music Apothecary


Course Taught by Founder Michael Legge, an Approved Provider for the
ational Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine.


An All Day Live Presentation, with Lecture, Discussion and Supervised Practice
Where Music Theory & Composition, Chinese Medicine, Applied Kinesiology Test Kits,
Dowsing with a Pendulum and a Prescription Generator App
Have Been Successfully Integrated for Treating Clients or Family Members.

Course Materials Included are an Huawei Tablet Loaded with a User Friendly
Prescription Generator App, the Healthy Tissues Applied Kinesiology Test Kit
(75 Ampoules), Earphones and a Pendulum.

 This Course is Open to Both the Professional Health Care Provider
(Acupuncturists, Music Therapists, Dowsers, etc.)
as well as Interested Care Givers.                   215.801.6393