Client Testimonials


Mariko LeFleur and Michael Legge are a tremendous healing team.  By using a combination of Jikiden-Reiki, Applied Kinesiology and Prescriptive Music, the pair works in tandem to determine sensitivity to food and environmental substances.  In addition, the combination of Reiki and massage has contributed to my overall happiness and well-being.  I leave their office feeling great! 

Christine F.


Since working with Mariko and Mike through Reiki, Music and Applied Kinesiology, I feel my body is much more in balance.  They work as a team to help the individual get to the root of their imbalance.  

You can feel the music fill you with peace and calm. They are a truly healing couple that has improved my life.

After my session with them, I leave feeling calm and refreshed.  

Eileen P.


I felt totally comfortable and at ease entering Mariko and Mikeís Reiki Music Room from my very first visit.  Application of their healing gifts and knowledge through the use of Reiki, kinesiology (using a pendulum) and music to induce vibrational alignment of organs and meridians is both fascinating and relaxing.  

Iíve had positive outcomes following each realignment of my organs and energy fields that were out of whack with various foods, supplements and unavoidable environmental energies including the EMF and microwaves transmitted through cell phones, computers, TVs, wireless routers, Home Smart Meters, cell phone transmission towers and microwave ovens. 

Kim K.