Stress Response



HPA Axis Dysfunction occurs when you are under duress for extended periods of time. Your glands and organs become fatigued from being activated so often and may stay in a flight or fight mode even though the danger has passed or if the stressors remain in your environment. The HPA Axis is comprised of the Pituitary, the Hypothalamus and the Adrenals. They often need to be re-harmonized. Further, the Hypothalamus regulates the Thyroid, Gonads and Adrenals and so too they need to be re-harmonized as a trio when recovering from stress. Besides the hormonal there is also the metabolic that could also become dis-regulated. The Pancreas, Liver and Thyroid, as the third trio need to be re-harmonized also. These three trio disharmonies oftentimes result in any or all the relevant organs or glands operating at something less than 100% efficiency. It is not unusual to be at 75% or even 50%.