Yi Jing Music Composition 1


Tonification & Sedation of the 12 Ordinary Meridians

A Continuing Education Course Approved by the

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

This course is open to Composition Majors, Graduates & Music Professors/Instructors



An introductory course for composers where the correspondences of Oriental Medicine and Philosophy
are directly correlated to Western Music Theory and Composition:


The Composer will:
1) Learn that the Chinese Pentatonic scale is just the beginning; the seed seeking musical fulfillment
2) Develop an understanding of Oriental Healing practices that converge with Western Music Theory & Composition
3) Learn how to compose Individualized Prescriptive Musics
4) Learn how Base 2 (the underlying principle for computer technology) corresponds with the Yin Yang Principle
5) Understand the role of Synchronicity in the creation of a healing music composition

6) Upon successful completion of the course receive 3 PDA (NCCAOM Professional Development Activity) points


With either real or computer synthesizer instrumentation the ability to write music in two voices:
Melody & Bass, for one or two instruments (doubling instruments also). Bass line can be in treble clef.
Free Style examples are provided in context within the course.


1) Note against Note

2) Note against 2 Notes

3) Note against 3 or more notes

4) Tied Notes


Types of Contrapuntal Motion


1) Parallel Motion

2) Similar Motion

3) Contrary Motion

4) Oblique Motion


Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc (Free) installed on your Computer


Score assignments accepted in MIDI or
hand written formats (scanned or snail mail)


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